Monday, 8 July 2013

Poetry Time! Tadaaaa ^_^

bismillah.. ^_^

hari ini kelas literature.. 
we have learned a few poems.. 
and there is one that caught my close attention to it.. 

it had been written by my own lecturer.. 
he is not from our faculty.. 
but he is really good in literature.. 

here is the poem.. 
i feel pleasure to share it with all of you.. 
he made it up by himself.. 

A Sonnet to Fair Kelantan 
by : Raj Ali Zahid Elley 

Truly bounteous is this land before me, 
As I sing to the winds in Kelantan; 
They speak in rhyme and fair is all I see, 
I bask in the warmth of her rising sun. 
Gentle are smiles and flut'ring eyes that meet, 
As rain comes in showers as evening end; 
As one being graceful does the other greet, 
Such is the beauty of this blessed land. 
Lest I be lost in thy charm and beauty, 
A final look on thee and thine I cast. 
A guest I be to hospitality, 
Return to whence I came, depart I must. 
          But as I bid farewell and feel the pain, 
          I know I'll return to be healed again. 

such wonderful words.. 
Kelantanese people.. please feel blessed.. :') 
he created a sonnet.. special for Kelantan.. 

anyways.. Ramadhan Kareem to all of you.. :) 

#salam mujahadah bil jihad! keep upgrading yourself!