Monday, 5 November 2012

heartless n no soul..

it hurts when we miss someone yet we are not allowed to say that..
now im alone..
alone? no ur not.. u got Allah with you..
yeah.. i have Him with me to see n wipe all my tears..

can i rewind back all things between us?
i cant handle everyday with tears like this..
its really tear me up inside..
u left me all alone in pain..
is it too late for us to fix things for one last time?

yes.. things didnt went right between us..
theres too much things came up to us..
why dont we fix things that went wrong between us like we did before?
are you tired of me?
you tired of waiting?
you mad at me?
please say something..
dont leave me wondering all alone..

what did i do that u did these to me?
the mistake that i did.. was it too big n cant be forgiven?
please say something..
why are you doing this to me?
after years.. we ended up like this?

just so you know..
i just cant love others like i love you..
its hardly to accept anyone else..