Friday, 2 November 2012

hey girl! move on!

im writing again..

what to write? hmm no idea.............

hows my day? am i ok? behind a smile.. yup! im fine! ^_^
hows ur day then? had fun with ur life already? hows everything? ur family?
my thoughts now with u.. i wish that somebody could save me from all these suffers that ive been through..
is there anybody out there tryin to save me?

maybe im nt good enough as a human.. so what should i do now? die? perhaps.. but that is impossible to do by me.. i do not own this body.. Allah does.. so i have no right to do so.. so what ur gonna do Wanie? going out n tryin to have some fun with ur friends out there? yeah! absolutely! i will! juz cant wait to see em!

hey wait!
what if u met him after this?

so what? like i cant live without him? hell no!

move on girl! be strong as steel! haha i know u do! ;)